Handmade Natural Beauty Products in Bali

My time in Ubud has been very fun! One of my favorite activities so far was visiting the Ubud Botanical Interactive. My little hippie heart almost popped due to the excess of love/happiness at UBI. Using local, all natural ingredients (everything was edible) we made shampoo/body wash, face/body scrub, tiger balm, and sunscreen. Our instructor, Mela, … More Handmade Natural Beauty Products in Bali

5 Minute Meal Prep

This is NO joke! A healthy meal prepped in 5 minutes. INGREDIENTS shrimp, pre-cooked brown rice (90 sec Uncle Ben’s) onions & peppers, pre-sliced & frozen black beans, rinsed and drained canned diced tomatoes with chiles seasonings to taste (cumin, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc) INSTRUCTIONS Place ingredients in pot. Bring to a boil & … More 5 Minute Meal Prep