Healthy Eating 101: Challenge #1



Before you switch into full on healthy mode, take 1-2 weeks to log absolutely everything that you eat and drink daily. Yes! This will be challenging, but trust me, it’s worth the work. After you have a solid understanding of your regular dietary habits, you will have a better understanding of where your strengths are and what areas need more work.



I’m a little old school. Sometimes, I just want good ole pencil and paper. If you vibe with that, get yourself a small notebook or journal to log your meals in. Make sure each entry has the date, and if you really want to dig deep when you debrief your food log, keep track of the time and situation you were in when eating. For example: 8/6/15, 3:35pm…4 sugar cookies, 2 diet cokes. Social event at work. Starving. Couldn’t help it. Be sure to keep your journal with you at all times.

Cronometer Website Example

TECHNOLOGY: Apps and Websites

Although I have an old soul, I’m also a 21 year old college student. So technology is a huge part of my life. Using your phone to log your meals can be very easy and convienient. There are many apps available including My Fitness Pal (one of the more popular choices). My personal favorite website for food logging is Cronometer (pictured above). This site gives you a complete breakdown of your macro and micro nutrients with percentages to let you know if you’re low on any nutrients for the day. I find this very helpful. They also have an app for $2.99. I prefer the website because it’s FREE.


Please remember, this challenge is set up to help you learn more about your eating habits. We get so caught up in our daily routines that many of us don’t even realize the magnitude of our nutritional choices. Take this time to enlighten yourself and reflect. Share this challenge with your family, friends, and co-workers. Having a support group/accountability partners in your life can be a wonderful tool. Be sure to comment and share your thoughts below.

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