What is Healthy Food?


I recently received a question from one of my followers that I think many people have. Exactly what is HEALTHY food?

“I would like to know more about what healthy eating is. I know some products are labeled as being healthy, so what are some ways we can tell if it is really healthy?” -Kiana


If you want to eat a healthy diet, aim for the majority of your daily intake to come from whole food sources. So what are whole foods? These are foods found in the grocery store or market still in their natural form. All fresh fruits and vegetables are WHOLE foods. To take the healthy meter up another notch, try buying organic produce as often as you can.


The packaged goods I typically include in my nutrition plan are rice, beans, and whole wheat pasta. Many of the “healthy” frozen dinners, cereals, protein bars, shakes, and 100 calorie packs aren’t actually good for you. They’re loaded with processed sugars, sodium, and suspect chemicals that don’t belong in your body. It’s important when buying any packaged products that you read the nutrition label including the list of ingredients. If there are weird words you can’t pronounce or the list of ingredients is a mile long, leave it on the shelf!


So let’s play a little trivia game of Healthy vs Unhealthy. First up is breakfast! A popular breakfast option is the Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwich. Let’s check out the ingredient list.

Jimmy DeanMr. Dean has quite a long list of helpers to make him who he is. I think it’s safe to say, these Delights aren’t light at all…I vote UNHEALTHY.

Now let’s move on to a common lunch/dinner option, Lean Cuisine. Is it healthy or unhealthy???

Lean C

By the looks of the list, I’m thinking UNHEALTHY. In what natural world does it take that many ingredients to make fettuccini? So it’s pretty simple…long list, strange ingredients…We don’t want it! Stick with whole foods.


The next time you hit up the grocery store, make a list first and really evaluate it. Are most of the items on your list fresh, whole foods? Are there processed products that you could replace with healthier options? Healthy eating begins at the grocery store, so make good choices!

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