What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Motivation


Yesterday was hard for me. I didn’t sleep well, traffic was a beating, and I was having one of those days where you question your entire life (like, OMG…Did I really screw up, orrrrrrr?). I got home feeling lousy and exhausted. Needless to say, I didn’t want to go to the gym. Honestly, I haven’t had the drive to get out and exercise at all lately. So…what in the world can you do to boost your motivation to work out?


I have an amazing support system of family and close friends. They have no problem telling it to me straight and making me refocus my attention onto what’s important. Yesterday in the midst of my exhaustion, I still went to the gym. The #1 reason was a phone call I got from a friend. Like the rest of us, she’s balancing a million things, but she still made the effort to put working out on her to-do list. That in itself motivated me to stop complaining and lace up my Nike’s.


Sometimes you really have to look back over your life and remember why you set your goals in the first place. Goal setting should be a post by itself, but really think hard. If you only started your health journey to drop 10 quick pounds for a wedding you probably want to set some new goals, short and long term. Your goals shouldn’t just be focused on specific events. You also need goals that are continuous. I started my journey because I wanted to truly be healthy. I was tired of being tired. I wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. So yesterday, I reminded myself of those things. Being healthy is something that has to be worked on for a lifetime. Can’t stop, won’t stop.



Once I decided that I was going to the gym, I knew exactly what I needed to do when I got there. LEG DAY BABY! I absolutely love working my legs, especially with heavy weights. I’ve been out of the game for a hot minute, but I know myself. Going to the gym and lifting was exactly what I needed to relieve my stress and help me get re-focused. Now I can’t wait to go work out again! So what physical activity do you love?? Whatever it is, use that to motivate yourself! Go play sports, walk around the park with friends, do Zumba, join a Crossfit gym…Sign up for my FREE BOOT CAMP. Haha Get moving in a way that makes you happy, and you’ll automatically be more motivated to move ya body!

I hope this post was helpful! Just remember you’re not in this alone. We all lose motivation at some point. It’s the choices we make in those hard times that really reveal our level of dedication to ourselves and our journey. So do yourself a big favor, and get moving today! Share this post with someone you know that needs a little extra motivation, like, and leave comments below. And of course, click the follow button to join The Tribe!


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