Boot Camp: Part 1


On last Saturday, October 17th, I hosted my first FREE BOOT CAMP! It was a great experience. The girls that showed up came with purpose. They killed the work out with no whining, complaining, or crying. Haha I was very proud of the amount of effort each individual put into the camp. We worked extremely hard, and had FUN while doing it.

Here is a quick overview of the work out. You can do this at home and modify exercises as needed. (Some exercises may have multiple names…)

Warm Up:

  • Quick jog
  • Dynamic stretching

Work Out:

The Transition

  • Leg tag
  • Squats/Lunges
  • Butt kicks/High knees

Group Relay

  • Defensive side shuffle, bob and weave (cone work), power skips
  • Gallop, football shuffle, sprint/run

Group Stations (Not shown in video)

  • Mountain climbers
  • Active rest
  • Burpees

Floor Work (Not shown in video)

  • Fire hydrants/rainbows
  • Plank/bear planks
  • Russian twists/flutter kicks

Cool Down:

  • Stretching

Check out this video to see some clips from camp. Enjoy the captions too! Haha

If you weren’t able to come this time, don’t worry! You have two more FREE opportunities on October 31st and November 14th. Same time and place. Check the FREE Boot Camp page for more info. Be sure to like, share, and comment. Also, I think it’s about time for you to follow the blog and join The Tribe!


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