WOD #2

novAlright folks! Here’s another quick WOD challenge for you. This time, the focus is on legs. I completed this circuit on my lunch break, and I truly felt the BURN. If you don’t have access to weights, feel free to use books, water jugs, or any safe item that can add some resistance to your workout. If you are using weights, stick with something light enough that you can repeat the exercises for 10 reps each but heavy enough that you are challenging yourself.

Repeat each exercise for 10 reps. Repeat each set 3 times.

1st Set

Hang Cleans & Jump Squats

2nd Set

Back Squats & Jump Lunges

3rd Set

Deadlift & Glute Bridges

Burn Out

I love to add a little extra challenge at the end of my quick work outs to finish strong. This time, I jumped rope on one foot for 30 seconds and then switched to the other foot. Following my one foot singles, I did regular singles using both feet for one minute. Repeat this circuit until you burn out.

Try this one out, and let me know how it goes!


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