Abs For Days Challenge

I think a flat stomach is something a lot of us desire. Coupled with the proper meal plan, that’s a goal that can be achieved. This work out will help you develop your ab muscles as you work to melt the fat that’s hiding them!

This is the 5 to 50 abs circuit. Beginners repeat 1-2 times // Intermediate 3-4 times // Advanced 4+

5-50 abs1

5-50 abs2
Photos shared by CVMS head volleyball coach via Pinterest.


Easier: Eliminate the leg lift on the side plank. Keep both feet touching the ground for extra stability until your abs get stronger.

Harder: To challenge your core even more, keep your hands off the floor for the full body tuck n’ spreads.

Easier: Try bird dogs instead of the super man planks.

Harder: Switch from a regular plank to up and down planks.

Recruit your work out buddy to complete this challenge with you at the end of a good cardio or weight lifting session. Be sure to have fun with it!


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