WOD #3


Today’s workout is all about pushing through. Many people “want” to reach their goals until they realize how much work it will be…how much it will hurt…how much they will have to sacrifice to get there. Don’t let temporary conditions keep you from getting the results you want in life. Be dedicated, determined, and disciplined. Don’t quit and give up because things are hard. PUSH through no matter what the cost. You will thank yourself later down the road. This is a killer work out, but I know you can do it. Pace yourself, and DO NOT GIVE UP.


100 burpees

Time yourself, and repeat this workout weekly. Each time you try it, work harder to beat your previous time even if it’s only by one second.


The burpee is a technical, full body movement, and you will need to perform it differently depending on your fitness level. Below is a six step burpee progression designed by Jon at Austin Performance Fitness. Choose the level that best suits you.

Level 1: Chest to Floor Getup

Level 2: Modified Burpee (One foot back and one foot up at a time)

Level 3: Modified Burpee (Two feet back at a time and one foot up at a time)

Level 4: Modified Burpee (Two feet back and two feet up at a time, no jump)

Level 5: Burpee w/Pushup (no jump)

Level 6: Full Bupree w/ Pushup and Jump

I hope this work out teaches you something about yourself, about your will to succeed. It takes hard work to reach your goals. Are you willing to make the sacrifice? I sure hope so. Choose to be great today! This is only the beginning.


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