WOD #4

Today’s workout is centered around jump ropes and abs! Jumping rope has so many benefits. It helps increase your cardiovascular fitness, aerobic stamina, and believe it or not it helps with muscular endurance too. The jump rope is one of cheapest tools to aid in burning calories and torching those fat cells. This jump rope routine coupled with abs adds an extra kick. If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, this one is for YOU.



  1. JUMP: Feet together 200
  2. 25 crunches
  3. JUMP: Alternate 150
  4. 25 oblique twists
  5. JUMP: Right foot 50
  6. JUMP: Left foot 50
  7. 25 toe touches
  8. JUMP: Alternate 200
  9. JUMP: Feet together 150
  10. 3” off the ground: 25 seconds
  11. JUMP: High knees 50
  12. JUMP: Butt kicks 50
  13. Plank: 30 seconds
  14. JUMP: Side to side 100
  15. JUMP: Front to back 100
  16. Superman: 25 seconds

Beginners Repeat 1-2 times // Intermediate 2-3 times // Advanced 3+

I did this work out with the girls at school, and it kicked my butt in the best way. Turn on your favorite work out playlist and jump like your life depends on it! As always, have fun.


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