Healthy Grocery List Staples


veggie haul

This is a quick post to give you a grocery list skeleton so to speak. These are the weekly basics that I buy because they can be used in ANY meal…breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From here, you can add specific things you need for the meals you are prepping. Having cheap staples that are versatile help to keep your grocery list simple, healthy, and affordable.


Bell Pepper





Dark Leafy Greens (organic, prepackaged mix)



Rice or Pasta




I don’t have space to store a lot of food, so I only buy a few items in bulk. Those are potatoes, beans, rice, and oats (the items that won’t spoil). If you have plenty of fridge and freezer space, buying in bulk can really help you save some cash! One of my favorite tips is to purchase onion, bell pepper, celery (etc.) pre-chopped and frozen in large bags. They’re cheap, still nutritious, and make meal prepping 10 times faster.

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