Hey Tribe! I just uploaded a new video to Youtube…finally. I recorded this circuit at South Lakes park here in Denton. It’s great for cardio, and will definitely work your entire body.


Jump Rope Variations: Singes, side to side, one foot (both) // Repeat each for 1 min

Plank Walks: Go the full length of the ladder (or 15 ft.) // Repeat 5 times

The W: Set up 5 cones in the shape of a W. Start with a back pedal, sprint, and repeat until you have touched each cone // Repeat drill 5 times with 30 seconds of rest between each drill

Bicep Curls: Use a resistance band or dumbbells to work your biceps // Work for 2 minutes adding rest where you need it

Ladder Patterns: Singles with two feet hitting each square, 49er with both feet going in-in-out-out, and scissors with both feet hitting each square from the side // Complete all, do not repeat

Russian Twists and Sit Ups w/ Shoulder Press: Hold medicine ball with both hands, twist your torso to the left and right, feet can be on or off of the ground…Come into a sit up and press medicine ball to the sky // Repeat each move for 30 seconds, 4 rounds

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