DIY Cold Remedies

I rarely get sick, but student teaching this past semester really tested my immune system. I worked with kids grades K-8. Needless to say, my job was a giant petri dish. I got sick once at the elementary school and felt the oncomings of a cold when I worked at the middle school. Being the … More DIY Cold Remedies

Quick Lunch Wraps

This is a super easy lunch idea to try! Wraps like these can satisfy your hunger without weighing you down. They’re also a great alternative to the greasy, fast food most people resort to when they’re in a hurry to grab lunch. Pair your wrap with a healthy snack or have it solo. Check out these great recipes … More Quick Lunch Wraps

Oil Diffusing

Take a deep breath in…Now exhale. I’m sure we all realize the importance of breathing. Every single breath we take helps restore life into our bodies. With all of the impurities in the air now a days, it’s hard to find a place to take a deep breath of FRESH air. If you don’t have access to … More Oil Diffusing

Oven Baked Fries

This post really doesn’t need an intro. The title says it all. As a french fry lover, having a healthier alternative to the usual deal is a God send. I eat pounds of potatoes. This recipe makes it easy and cheap for me to fulfill my french fry dreams without jeopardizing my health. Check it … More Oven Baked Fries

Black Bean Burgers

I found this recipe for Grillable Veggie Burgers on I love a good black bean burger, but making them strong enough to stay together on the grill is a task that I haven’t been able to master. This recipe from Minimalist Baker is here to save the day for all of us! If you’ve … More Black Bean Burgers

ALL Natural Deodorant

This is probably the weirdest DIY I’ve ever tried…But it WORKS! Most antiperspirants and deodorants contain harmful chemicals. Antiperspirants also plug up your sweat glands. We use them to get that effect, but our bodies need to sweat in order to release some toxins and impurities. Sweating also supports proper immune function, prevents diseases related to toxic … More ALL Natural Deodorant