My ALL Natural Skin Care Routine

I’ve suffered with acne for about 8 years now. It’s been a roller coaster. I started out trying every OTC product I could find. After several years of failure, I saw a dermatologist. The products had my skin looking PERFECT for about 6 months. After that all hell broke loose. Eventually it got so bad, I was depressed about it. I was ashamed for people to even glance at me.

After using prescription meds for about 3 months, there was definitely an improvement in my skin, but I would still get painful breakouts.

My dermatologist suggested another round of antibiotics. I used the treatment, but this time I noticed side effects. My lips got dark, my skin didn’t look or feel healthy, and there was no change in my acne. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from that time.

At this point, I decided I was done with prescription medication. Eventually I threw out all of my creams and gels. I stopped eating meat in September of 2014, and I adopted a very simple skin care routine.


Cleanser: Dr. Bronner’s soap

Moisturizer: Rose Hip Oil

Weekly Mask: Bentonite Clay 

I wash with Dr. B’s soap and moisturize with the rose hip oil in the morning and before bed at night. I use the clay mask 1-2 times per week.

These products can be found at any health food store. Depending on your location, you may also find them at stores like Target or Walmart. If not, you can always order them online, it’s just more expensive.

If you decide to try this skin care routine, be patient and consistent. Any new skin care products should be tested for about 3 months to see if they really work.

My skin is NOT perfect now, but it’s so much healthier! Keeping my routine natural and consistent has worked wonders for me. I’ve also noticed that it’s very important for me to get plenty of sleep, eat a plant based diet, and keep my stress levels as low as possible.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.32.06 PM.png

Comment below and let me know what you use in your routine!



6 thoughts on “My ALL Natural Skin Care Routine

  1. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing your story, your skin has improved tremendously! I have used the Dr. Bronners liquid Castile soap & bentonite clay and they are both great. You should try Dr. Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar: dilute it 1:4 with water and use it as a toner. I use a handmade soap, acv toner, bentonite clay mud mask, and Shea butter on my skin with great results.


    1. That sounds like a great routine! I use ACV in my mask, and I just started toning with Aloe Vera gel. I’ll probably have another update in about 2-3 months. Thanks so much for reading 🙂


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