Natural Waist Training

Waist training is a pretty hot topic. There are many negative side effects and reasons why you shouldn’t wear a corset 24/7…but that’s a discussion for another day. In this post, I’ll give you tips for naturally training your waist that are guaranteed to help you reach your goals with no unwanted side effects.

First, a mini anatomy lesson.

The Good Lord has already equipped you with a waist cincher. You just need to use it! The anatomy of the abs are designed to give you a flat, tight, toned appearance when trained correctly. You’ll notice that some of your abdominal muscles even cover part of your back. One of the key muscles in effectively cinching your waist is the transverse abdominis (TVA). The TVA is the deepest abdominal muscle and wraps all the way around your spine. It helps stabilize you and compress your abs when breathing and exercising. This muscle is a natural girdle. If your TVA is strong, you will have a slimmer waist and a flatter tummy.

So how do we get a stronger TVA? Planks are great for working the TVA, and so are tummy vacuums! Add an ab circuit to the end of your regular routine to start working on training your waist.




Everything in life is connected. While it’s important to train your waist, the rest of your body needs that same love and attention too. We want our bodies to be strong, functional powerhouses. It takes total body training to get there. Your diet is also just as important. In order to see the results of your hard work, you need to fuel your body with the right foods. Check out my nutrition posts to get an idea of how to eat healthier long term.

I hope this helps you get the abs you want and save some cash! Always do your research before buying products. Just because your favorite Instagramer promotes something it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that it really works. You already have a built-in waist trainer, so use it honey!


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