Healthy Heart Challenge

Take a second to feel your heart beat. Think about how important it is that your heart continues to pump blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body. Our hearts work non-stop to supply our bodies with LIFE. With a work load that heavy, it’s important that we take steps to keep our heart healthy & happy. I’m very excited to announce the very first challenge from LifexErin: The Healthy Heart Challenge!

Art Credit: Meera Lee Patel

Art Credit: Meera Lee Patel

I will post regularly during the month to share new workout and meal ideas that promote heart health. This will help you meet the goals set out in Challenges #1 and #2.

A huge part of this challenge is to spread the word and help your loved ones keep their heart healthy too! We will accomplish this by sharing pictures and videos. If you complete a workout, cook a healthy meal, or even take time out of your day to meditate and reduce stress, take a quick picture/video and post it on your social media account. To make sure the entire community gets to see what you’re doing, use the hashtags #lifexerin & #HealthyHeartChallenge.

I will post to show what I’m up to, but I also want to feature members of The Tribe! Sharing our journeys will encourage others to get on board and provide so much inspiration for our communities. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way. I can’t wait to get started!


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