WOD #8: High Intensity Weight Loss Workout


Whether your goal is to lose weight or just get in better shape, high intensity training can help you get there. It played a huge role in my weight loss journey.

This workout has three parts: sprints, ladders, and jump rope. All of these exercises will get your heart pumping & have your body burning calories like a mad man.

Photo Cred: seriousrunning.com


The reps and duration are low here because you should be exerting near maximal speed. If you are not conditioned to sprint, that’s completely fine!  Start out running or jogging. Increase your time running/jogging, and reduce the rest period to 30-40 seconds.

Sprint 20 sec

Rest 1 min (jog slowly or walk)

Repeat 4x


I chose these 5 drills to use in my workout. The video below has 13 different variations with explanations. Choose at least 5 to use in this circuit. Go down and back with each drill. No rest until you complete all 5. If you don’t have a ladder, just mark space on your floor. The key is to put in WORK. Don’t get caught up on the technical stuff.

One Step

Side Step

5 Hops & Run

In and Out

Ickey Shuffle

Rest 1 min

Repeat 4x



Finish off with 3 minutes of jumping rope.

1 min High Knees

1 min Side to Side (lateral jumps)

30 sec Speed Jumping (as fast as you can)

30 sec Double Unders

Photo Cred: Collettelettiere.com


A high intensity workout should be done using near max effort. That will look different for everyone based on personal fitness levels. Just give your best, and set goals to outdo yourself next time!


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