Plyo/Cardio for Cellulite


I have fought the good fight against cellulite. *Correction* I am still participating in an uphill battle against the beast that plagues my thighs. Hahaha As far as I’m concerned there is no cream, gel, or weird concoction that will magically eliminate cellulite. BUT, all jokes aside, eating a clean diet full of fruits and veggies, drinking plenty of water, and EXERCISE have helped me reduce the appearance of my cellulite. Today, we’ll focus on some beginner to intermediate plyometrics (jumping) and cardio that just might be the recipe you need to get smoother legs.

Enjoy this video demonstrating the exercises! Everything will be listed out below with details on turning these moves into a workout.


30 sec- Around the World

30 sec- Cone Hops

30 sec- Rest

Repeat 1x

30 sec- Line Hops

30 sec- Bosu Hops

30 sec- Rest

Repeat 1x

30 sec- Box Jumps

30 sec- Lateral Step Ups

30 sec- Rest

Repeat 1x (switch legs on step up)

1 Bleacher Run

1 Moving “Box” Jumps

30 sec- Rest

Repeat 4x


Always remember…Self love comes first. Love yourself where you are, and then work to improve in a healthy and positive way. Never let your physical appearance define who you are. With the right mindset, healthy foods, and a good workout regimen…you will reach your goals one day! Be patient, and keep at it.


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