How To Conquer Your Morning Workout

Hello Tribe!! Here are my top 8 tips for conquering your morning workouts.

Tip #1: Have your clothes/bag ready the night before.


Having your gym bag ready to go cuts out several excuses. It will also give you more time to sleep in the morning because everything is ready to go. When you wake up, your gym clothes will be laying there…staring at you. Put them on, and work out!

Tip #2: Get plenty of sleep.



Sleep is important for weight loss and overall health. You’ll be more likely to get up for your workout if you’re well rested. I understand…it’s not rocket science, BUT it’s so important. Sleep also allows your body to heal & recover. If you’re working out like an athlete and depriving yourself of sleep, you put yourself at a higher risk for injury and decreased ability to perform.

Tip #3: Prep your pre/post workout snack.


Food is fuel, but you don’t have to over do things. Choose to have a pre or post workout meal/snack. I’ll occasionally do fasted cardio, but I always eat 30-60 minutes before a weight lifting session. One of my favorite post workout snacks is a protein smoothie. Check out this recipe! It’s also important to HYDRATE before and after. If you’re sweating a lot, you might want to hydrate during your workout too. My favorite is H2O.

Tip #4: Set a special alarm.


I hate the sound of my alarm, so I started setting a song to play instead of the default tone. It’s a little cheesy, but it really helps me to get up with more energy! When I wake up jammin’ I can start getting pumped for my workout before it even starts.

Tip #5: Meet a friend.


This is one of the best ways I can keep myself accountable. I’m highly self-motivated, but every now and then I can use a little push from a friend. This can help you get to the gym AND workout harder while you’re there. Choose your partner wisely.

Tip #6: Have a plan.


I can’t tell you how many times I went to the rec center with my friends and DID NOT have a plan of action. We just lolled around for a while, left the gym and proceeded to eat chicken & pancakes at Kerr Hall. Yes. That was life some days. Now, I always have a plan when I workout. You don’t have to spend hours making a fancy routine, just have a basic plan so you can utilize your time wisely and make the effort of getting up worth while.

Tip #7: Stretch/Warm up properly.


If you want to be more successful with your morning workout, make sure your body is ready to WORK. Stretch, hit the treadmill, do some walking lunges…Make sure you get your blood flowing before you throw yourself into a high intensity workout. This will help prevent injury and it’ll wake you up a little more before the big shebang.

Tip #8: Be mindful.


Morning workouts can be tough, especially if you’re not a morning person. To stay motivated, remind yourself of why you started. Think about your goals, your dreams. Keep pushing! If you stay consistent and eat a healthy diet, you’ll get there…It just takes time.

Comment below and let us know what YOU do to conquer your workouts ❤


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