Mahi-Mahi Fish “Tacos” with Sriracha Lime Sauce

This recipe is light and tasty! I enjoy these bad boys for lunch, but I tend to make a huge burrito versus a taco…It’s that good. I pack my burrito with about one serving of fish and then TONS of raw veggies. It’s filling and has a nice nutrient punch too. So let’s get to it!

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4-6oz of fish (I use mahi-mahi)

1/2 cup slaw (shredded cabbage and carrots)

1 cup mixed, dark leafy greens

1-3 scallions diced

1 tbs avocado

1 tsp mayo (I like Just Mayo)

2 tsp sriracha

1/2 lime, juiced

1/2 cup diced tomatoes

1/4 cup cilantro

Taco shells or Large wrap (I use the whole grain wraps from Lavash)

Seasoning for fish to taste:




Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Chili Powder

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  1. Defrost fish and season to taste. Heat a non-stick pan over medium/high heat and coat the bottom with oil of your choice.
  2. Carefully place fish in the pan. Allow it to cook for about 3 minutes on each side.
  3. While your fish is cooking, prepare your tortilla/wrap.
  4. Layer fish, veggies, and avocado.
  5. Mix Sriracha, lime juice, and mayo. Drizzle on top.

To make this recipe paleo friendly, you can buy paleo wraps or make your own tortillas at home. I also found a cool vegetarian/vegan option using mushrooms here to replace the fish!

I eat large servings. You may want to adjust the amount of veggies to keep your tacos or burrito smaller, and always adjust seasonings (including the sauce) to fit your personal taste buds!

I hope you enjoy this recipe  ❤


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