My Workout Playlist(s)

Music is LIFE and keeps me going during my workouts! I keep my playlists handy on Spotify so they’re easy to create and edit. I like a variety of music. When I’m doing cardio, I listen to more pop and top hits. Heavy lifting days are rap all the way. Below, I have a mix of some songs that never get old  when I’m working out. I used a similar playlist at the Boot Camp I hosted yesterday. (Click here to find my Boot Camp playlist on Spotify.) It was so much fun & the music only added to the ENERGY!



1. Fight Night x Migos

2. Watch n’ Learn x Rihanna

3. Trophies x Young Money

4. Fun x Pitbull

5. 0 to 100 x Drake

6. Flawless Remix x Beyonce

7. Live From The Gutter x Future/Drake

8. Cheap Thrills x Sia

9. Sanctified x Rick Ross

10. I Don’t Like It, I Love It x Flo Rida

11. No Mediocre x T.I.

12. Again x Fetty Wap

13. Energy x Drake

14. Area Code x Nick Jonas

15. 10 Bands x Drake

16. Feeling Myself x Nicki Minaj

17. Come Get Her x Rae Sremmurd

18. Jumpman x Drake/Future

19. Flex x Rich Homie Quan

20. Partition x Beyonce

21. Jimmy Choo x Fetty Wap

22. Work From Home x Fifth Harmony

23. Right Hand x Drake

24. Work x Rihanna

25. Where Ya At x Future/Drake

26. Blood On The Leaves x Kanye West


Never underestimate the power of a great playlist. When I’m tired and ready to quit, the right song will pump me up again! Comment below and let me know what’s on your workout playlist 🙂


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