Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: Staying Fit & Motivated

Happy Sunday!!! I’m excited to share some of my favorite fitness classes (to date) with you guys. Group exercise, team training, small group training…whatever you want to call it, is a great way to stay fit and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are passionate about being healthy. You automatically have accountability partners, there’s tons of motivation during classes, and if you’re in the right place…the energy is so amazing you’ll never want to miss a class!


5. Hot Yoga (TXK Yoga Studio)


I thought I was going to die during my first hot yoga session, but I survived…clearly. My instructor was very welcoming and assured me that it was ok if I couldn’t do EVERYTHING the first time through. The mood is so chill with dim lighting and great music. After sweating it out for 1hr 15 minutes, the instructor gives each member a cold towel with essential oils on it (my favorite part). Every time I leave the class I feel so relaxed and ready to take on the day no matter what it brings. I absolutely love it! Great class, great atmosphere.

4. Burn 60 (Brentwood/LA)


While visiting LA, I decided to try out a couple of classes. Burn 60 was one of them. It’s a pretty intense class. I’m not much of a runner, so that part got me…BUT it was still fun because of the encouraging atmosphere. The class was split into running and floor intervals. The floor work was challenging as well. We used dumbbells and the Bosu during my class. I really enjoyed myself. The music was great and my instructor was the bomb. Very fun!

3. 9Round (Texarkana)


I recently visited 9Round for the first time. I stopped by my local studio, but they have locations all over the country. I liked this class for two reasons. First, we got to hit things…a lot. Second, the workout was very intense! I worked my butt off in a 30 minute period. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I love quick, yet effective, workouts. This is great for that. In a short amount of time we hit every muscle group, got in some cardio, and had a blast.

2. Spin (Minton’s Sportsplex)


I didn’t care for spin the first time I took it. I tried it the day after legs…that was dumb on my part. I took a break and went back a few weeks later. Now I’m in LOVE. Spin is by far one of my favorite workouts period. With the right instructor and a great playlist, you can have the time of your life. I take spin classes at my home gym where the energy is high and the camaraderie is strong. Even if you don’t care for spin the first couple of times, try to stick with it! I’m glad I gave it a second chance.

1. Barry’s Bootcamp (WEHO)


Yoooooo! Barry’s is LIFE. I have no complaints whatsoever. They kicked my tail. I loved every minute of it. This class is intense, challenging, and will push you to your limits. I took my first BB class in West Hollywood. It was so much fun! The class was split into treadmill and floor intervals. Both came with a nice variety and a lot of BURN. My class was a total body workout, but they also have upper body, core, and cardio days. I seriously can’t wait to try Barry’s again. I’ve never experienced anything like it. From the lighting to the music to the workout and instructor…it was top notch.


I still have a long list of group classes I want to attend. In May, I plan on trying Orange Theory, Fit & Thick (I’m literally screaming on the inside), and SoulCycle (I’m crying now). Hahaha I’m EXTREMELY excited to try all of these classes and many more!!!

Comment below and let me know what your favorite group classes are…AND give me suggestions for classes to take in Miami. 🙂

Get up, get active, and have a blessed day!


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