I completed a variation of this workout with my family over the weekend. It was INTENSE but definitely fun! Try it out with your workout partners to torch that fat!!



Complete each exercise for 1 min followed by 30 sec of rest.

Equipment needed: box, jump rope, kettlebell, and dumbbells (all are optional; modify as needed)

Box Jumps

Push Ups w/ Shoulder Taps

180 Degree Burpee

Plank Jacks


3 Side Shuffles + Burpee (full body contact on the floor, repeat moves for 1 min)

Lunge w/ Kettlebell Passthrough

Jump Rope


If you complete this workout outside in the heat (like we did 😅), be sure to pack water. Hydration is important before, during, AND after a workout. Also take your time and modify the workout to fit your current fitness level. Safety first!


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