My Favorite Booty Exercises

What’s up Tribe?! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. It’s hump day, so we’re talking about the BOOTY 😛 I’m going to share my favorite butt exercises with you below. These are great for shaping & perking up the glutes.


Lunges really target my gluteus and get them fired up! There are countless variations: stationary, walking, jumping, lateral, split squats. Find what works best for you.


Hip Bridge w/ Booty Bands

Hip bridges are a great isolation exercise. Adding the band helps me get the sides of my bum more. Place the band about mid-shin, spread the legs about hip width apart, and slightly turn toes out.



These are definitely a favorite of mine. Deadlifts work the entire posterior chain (back side) including back, butt, and hamstrings. They will help tone, lift, and give you POWER.


Kick Backs

Kick backs are another isolation move that really focus on the glutes. Try them straight legged or bent. Add ankle weights or resistance cuffs for an extra challenge.



Plyometrics (explosive/jumping exercises) are great for building power and strength. These will help to tighten everything up for a more toned appearance.

After getting the correct form down, start adding weight to these exercises for even better results! Work hard & stay consistent.


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