Post-Workout Breakfast

Hey y’all!! Today I’m sharing my post-workout breakfast for the week. I’m recovering from a very minor injury, so my workouts haven’t been intense at all. BUT I’ve been waking up super early and, for the first time in my life, I actually have time to whip up a meal before I head out.

Post-workout meals should consist of protein to help build and repair the muscles, carbs to replenish glycogen stores, and some fat for added energy.



  1. The Big 16, sprouted whole grain bread (strawberry preserves added later)
  2. 3 scrambled eggs with onion & peppers (cilantro, salsa, and chives added later)
  3. Veggie breakfast links by Morningstar

This size breakfast would be better after a GOOD workout versus something chill, but I love food…so I had it anyway! Haha Do what makes your body feel the most amazing. Comment below and let me know what your favorite post workout meal is!


8 thoughts on “Post-Workout Breakfast

  1. I’ve just started going to the gym in the morning instead of an evening and like you have time to make some food afterwards, and I’ve always struggled to get something nutritional in a morning. This looks nice though I’m going to give it a try


  2. It has been a journey and each day I learn something different~I started two weeks ago before finding your website 🙂 this will aide in my getting more healthy. . .thank you for this!


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