Following Your Dreams

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture and caption on Instagram:


“If no one else believes in you, believe in YOURSELF!! You might have to work twice as hard as the next guy, but that’s ok. Focus on YOUR journey and stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t let your lack of “experience & qualifications” discourage you. If you are pursuing your passions and following your purpose, guess what…you are qualified. People will stay in your ear with negativity (especially when they’re not doing anything with their own life 😴🙄🤔😒). Ignore it, get away from it, and surround yourself with positive people that are actually going to encourage and support you. Fight for your dreams. It’s worth it ✌🏾️ #dreams #goals #passion #drive #focus #positivity #vibes #motivation #encouragement #believeinyourself #doyou #fighter #warrior #soldier #fitfam #holistichealth #tribe #blogger #lifexerin #transformation #boss ”

I’ve spent the past few months feeling like a watered down version of myself…and I don’t like that at all. Being the person that I am, I’ve gotten fed up. I can’t rightfully blame others for my problems, so I had to suck it up & remind myself why I am where I am.

Following your dreams is never easy. Hell, life isn’t easy…but it’s worth it. When I find myself in a funk, tired of running this race, there are a few things that always help me get back on track.

  1. DO YOU. Stop giving a flip about what other people are doing, saying, and thinking. It’s really none of your business. If no one is directly harming you in some way, concern yourself with things that matter…not them. Every stage in life has a purpose. You’ll miss out on your lesson AND your blessing constantly bugging out about business that isn’t yours and letting PETTY PEGGY get under your skin. The next time you feel yourself slipping, getting bent out of shape over silly mess, say “skurrrrrt!” and keep it moving.
  2. REFLECT & WRITE. Keeping a journal has really helped me through so much in life. When I write I’m able to clear my mind, sort through things, and keep track of the PROGRESS I am making. We often  fail to see how far we’ve come when we find ourselves in hard times. Wipe your eyes and go read some of your old journals. Honey, you are on the come up! After reflecting (and giving thanks to the Good Lordt) write more. Put it all on paper. Be honest about what’s going on. Think about your situation and how YOU can change to make it better. The problem isn’t your circumstances…it’s your perspective.
  3. MAKE A LIST. Yes, more writing. Make a list of your dreams. Take that list of dreams and turn them into long term goals. Now break down your most important goals and plan out short term mile markers that are actually achievable. Sometimes we become funked because we try to accomplish TOO MUCH at once. It becomes overwhelming. We lose sight of why we started. Save yourself from the cycle. Take things one step at a time! You’ll be more productive, and it’s much easier to live each day with purpose because you know exactly what you’re working towards.
  4. FIND YOUR ROCK. I have a few family members and friends that have supported me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. REAL LOVE. But my rock is my faith. People will fail you. Don’t front…You even fail yourself. That’s life! BUT GOD. On my lowest days, the only thing that keeps me going is a scripture & prayer…lots of prayer. It’s not about religion. It’s about spirituality; a real connection. Try it, you’ll like it.
  5. GET OUT THERE. It’s time. Wipe the snot from your nose and GET MOVING! You have your mind on the right path. You’re working on your heart, spirituality, and emotions…Now you need to put your plan into action. Get after it. Work hard. Shine. God has blessed each of us with gifts. Use those to GIVE BACK and watch how life will begin to open up. The love and effort you put out will come back to you in the most unexpected ways. When it does, recognize it and show gratitude.

Ok Tribe. That’s all I have for today. I wanted to share a small bit of myself so maybe ONE person will see they are not alone. I understand the struggle, y’all…but I had to WAKE UP. I was focused on crying instead of collecting!!! Do you hear me?! It’s OK to feel down. It’s ok to be upset, angry, hurt, disappointed. I want you to remember that you can experience these things in a healthy way without wallowing in them forever. I’m an emotional being. I feel deeply, and sometimes life hurts. BUT when it’s time to get up and do better, then DO BETTER. You’ve got this. Your best days are on the way. Don’t stop. Follow your dreams.

-Erin ❤

P.S. If my incorrect use of grammar bothers you…SKURRRRRRT!  😂👊🏾


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