One Skillet High Protein Meal

This has been one of my staple meals lately. A little background…. At some point this summer, I pushed my fitness goals to the side and decided I would rather be happy and fluffy than unhappy and “toned”. Well, it’s possible to be happy AND reach your goals. It just takes some self control and dedication to the cause. I’m back at it now. This is a meal that fills me up and has a little bit of everything my body needs (macros & micros)! Of course I used veggie sausage. My favorite brand to date is Tofurky. The Italian flavor is amazing & packs a hefty 25g of protein per serving. Not bad, huh?



2 – 4 cups broccoli florets
1 Tofurkey Italian sausage link (sub with chicken or turkey sausage for my omni friends)
1/2 cup sautéed onion & peppers
1/2 – 1 tbs olive oil (sub with oil of choice OR steam veggies with water)
seasonings: onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper


  1. Lightly steam broccoli in pan. Start with 1-2 tbs of water. Add more if needed, but don’t over do it.
  2. When the water has evaporated and broccoli is lightly steamed (but still a little firm) add onion, peppers, and olive oil into pan. Sauté veggies.
  3. When the onion and peppers are becoming tender, add in sliced sausage.
  4. Cook until heated through.
  5. Serve it up, or eat straight out of the pan! 😂
I was able to make this meal in about 10 minutes. Life hack: if you’re really short on time, use frozen broccoli in the steammable bag (not the healthiest, BUT…) and use pre-chopped, frozen onion and peppers.
What do you guys eat to stay fit and healthy??? Leave a comment below! I’m always looking for new ideas.

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