Updated Whipped Hair & Body Butter Recipe

Hey guys! About 11 months ago, I posted a recipe for my whipped body butter. Well, I’ve updated the recipe and I’m using it on my body AND my fro. Operation ash-be-gone is in full effect, people.




7 oz shea butter

6.5 oz cocoa butter with jojoba oil

4 vitamin E oil capsules

1 tbs castor oil


  1. Put shea and cocoa butter into a mixing bowl. Heat in the microwave until soft and easy to mix with spoon.
  2. Add castor oil and contents of vitamin E capsules. Heat until butters melt.
  3. Carefully remove from microwave and stir until mixed completely.
  4. Sit the bowl in the fridge until the top layer solidifies. (The middle will still be liquid.)
  5. Using a mixer, whip the ingredients until fluffy like butter.
  6. Scoop into a glass container with an air-tight lid.


-Erin ❤

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