4 Fool Proof Tips for Eating Out & Staying Healthy

As much as I love eating healthy, home cooked meals, it’s always nice to go out every now and then.

Today I’m sharing my tips for eating out while staying on track to reach your health goals.

Panera Bread 

1. Check Out the Menu Ahead of Time

Know where you’re going and what your options are. If you are keeping up with your macros, you can decide what will fit your numbers before you get to the restaurant.

2. Fill Up on Light Options

Skip calorie dense appetizers. Have a salad or light soup to help you fill up without doing a lot of damage. Although soups and salads are great options, you still want to pay attention to ingredients.

3. Skip the Extra Sugar

This is probably the easiest tip to follow. Sweetened beverages, including alcohol, are full of sugar. Save yourself the trouble and order water.

4. Ask For it Cooked Your Way

If you’re not sure about an item on the menu, ask if you can have it prepared a certain way.  Hold the extra sauce, please.

I hope these quick tips help you out!

Remember it’s ok to treat yourself sometimes 😉


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