Making Friends Abroad



Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

Friendship is very important to me. We all need someone to connect with.

Since I’ve been on the run, I’ve met many people that I now consider friends.


The lady at LAX who was headed home from her 100th (lol) class reunion. The wild scooter driver that agreed to drop me off but really had no idea where we were going. The warung (restaurant) owner from across the street that looks out for me & feeds me the BEST food. The flirty taxi driver working hard to make big money.


In a very short amount of time I’ve made lasting memories and connections with beautiful people that have, in some way or another, changed my life for the better.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe the world is a bad place. Are there a few bad apples, tragic events, freak accidents –Yes. That doesn’t mean everything is gloom and doom. If you’re willing to open up your heart, you never know what magic may come your way.


I wrote down 3 things in my journal the night before my flight out here. The last one said:

“Every moment in life is a gift.”

Every person.

Every smile.

Every laugh.

Every hug.

Every kiss.

Every amazing meal.

Take time out of your day to really connect with people. Make some friends.

-Erin ❤

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