DIY Scrub, Digestive Issues, Insecurities

Alrighty Tribe! Today we’re talking about a lot in a short post.

For starters, this southeast Asian sun has my melanin poppin’ to the gawds..and I ain’t mad about it! (Although colorism/racism is something I will talk about later. Brown skin struggles are everywhere.)

Half dazed post-workout selfie.

About 5-7 days into my first month here, I experienced some digestive issues. Not Bali belly, but a little blockage due to my consumption of nasi goreng for breakfast/lunch/dinner days on end. One of the key signs of poor digestion is ance…back-ne to be exact.

Breakfast-Lunch-Snack-Dinner 😂

So my back broke out.. I haven’t suffered from back-ne in a loooooong time. To be honest, I felt really insecure and self conscious about it.

I cleaned up my diet…slightly…and that helped. Then there’s the issue of this heat. Life here is a constant sweating/drying cycle. Clogged pores anyone???

Cooling off with a healthy smoothie bowl 🙂 

To combat this horrid situation, I opted for some external help- au naturale of course.

At the popup market in Canggu, I found this brand, MUKA- Intuitive Herbology. They sell homemade beauty products. I got the sea salt scrub and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Below I have ingredients you may want to play around with to make a DIY recipe similar to what I’m using. I have no idea how they mix it perfectly, so I’ll be testing this out when I’m back in the States.


sea salt

lemongrass essential oil

cocoa butter

I know this isn’t a cute conversation, but I think it’s necessary. We all have struggles & sharing my gross stories may help someone ☺️

Besides the scrub, I still use my old faithful products here. (Minus the bentonite clay mask.) I moisturize with Rosehips in the morning & my all in one magic butter at night.

How do you treat unexpected breakouts?? Let me know in the comments.

-Erin ❤

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