Learning to Walk Again, Saying Goodbye, & Flying Business Class

Hey y’all!

I hope you had a great Sunday. #blessed *Bruno Mars voice*

In my last post, I was undergoing surgery and getting the down low about the recovery process.

There’s a video with more ugly crying and medicated rambling… but I couldn’t get it to upload! When it’s live, I’ll definitely let you guys know and add it into this post.

***Here’s the video!*** 

So where were we?

I was about 2 days post-surgery, and it was time to walk…on crutches of course. I’ve never broken anything in my life, so other than goofing around, I’ve never used crutches (correctly) either. With the right technique it was pretty easy except holding my “bad” leg off of the ground. If you know me…you know I’m thick and quite frankly I’m heavier than I look. These thunder thighs are no joke. So I would go a few meters and pause. By the end of my first lap, I was breathing hard and sweating. Haha It was really a workout that first time. In my mind I just kept thinking, “Girl, you’ve got to get home.”

I kept practicing and got better. A few days later I was cleared to book a flight home. Saying goodbye to everyone at BIMC was hard. I’m not one to keep it together during those kinds of moments. There were tears and hugs. I still miss them, and the island, but it was time for me to go!

A few of my nurses! ❤

The route back to Texas was Bali to Sydney, AU – 6 hour layover – Sydney to Dallas. I knew it would be tough with a broken leg…but it turned out worse than I imagined. I know I should be grateful and focus on the positive things, but I have to keep it real. Misery is a part of the story.

On the first flight, I had two seats but the center arm rest didn’t move. That meant I had to throw my leg over the arm rest and try to adjust as many pillows as possible to elevate my leg & cushion my knee. I didn’t get any rest… It was the most uncomfortable flight experience I’ve ever had. When I landed in Sydney, I was exhausted and just happy to stretch out a little. The airport staff was waiting for me with a wheelchair. My porter lady dropped me off and said she’d be back shortly- there was something she had to do. Shortly turned into a longass time. I was in an uncomfortable chair, getting thirsty, and then I had to pee. There were no people near me or I would have kindly asked someone to wheel me to the nearest restroom. Instead, I had to do it myself. The floor had carpet which made the journey even harder. It was about 40-50 yards to the toilet…I knew I could make it because I HAD to. Along the way I stopped a few times to give my arms a shake. I wanted to cry. I had been forgotten, I was feeling helpless, and I was completely exhausted. Long story short, I did cry. The only thing that made the situation better was that home would be my next destination.

Eventually someone came to get me and we were off to the business lounge. It was really nice, but busy. I ended up in another uncomfortable chair…and although I was surrounded by a buffet and endless choices, my meds wouldn’t allow me to enjoy any of it. Pure torture. Haha I spent about 4 hours there trying to keep myself in decent spirits. After taking my scheduled medicine, I was able to fall asleep for a little while.

When it was time to board the flight, I was SO HAPPY. This was it. The last stretch. Because it was a longer international flight we had the seats that stretch out into a bed, free pajamas, and other comforts. This was heaven compared to my other experience. As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, I reclined and slept for a few hours. Everyone on the flight was very friendly and helpful. It made the journey easier to endure…I was grateful.


When I made it to Dallas, I had the funniest/peppiest lady taking me around. She was from Sierra Leone. We made it through immigration and got my bags. Then we headed out. I looked around to see if my parents were there. When I saw my dad, I broke down. I was home. It was all over. So I thought…

Be sure to check in later this week to see how recovery has been since I made it home! If you have any questions, send me a message or leave a comment below and I’ll answer them in my next video 🙂

-Erin ❤

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