Saying Goodbye for Now

I was thinking the other day… With this crazy leg situation and my emergency evacuation, I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye- or see you later. Everything ended very abruptly.

You know when the waitress takes your plate because it appears that you were finished, but really you were gonna eat those last few crumbs… Yeah. That’s my life right now. Like, “Wait! I wasn’t finished with that.” 😂

I didn’t think I would be writing a post like this for a couple more months, but my time came early so here it is…

Before I go on and whip out the photo album, I just want to say something that I’ve already talked about before…but it’s important enough to mention again.

If I’d listened to most people that gave their unsolicited opinions before the trip, I would have never gotten on the plane. Folk were negative, worry warts, scared and overthinking. That will keep you STUCK in life…and stuck is not the place for me. If you have a dream you want to pursue, do your research and speak with other likeminded people that have actually DONE it already. Get your stuff together and then go for it. Don’t worry about what other people are doing/saying/thinking. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you live a fulfilling life of love, adventures, and curiosity.

Consider playing Drops of Jupiter (on repeat) in the background as you read the rest of this post. #guiltypleasure

I absolutely loved my time abroad. It was perfect. Every single day I was happy to be alive, happy to be where I was. I rarely had plans. I was just going with the flow and doing what felt right. I developed a new appreciation for simply being. I interacted with the locals a lot which was fun! All of the Balinese people I met were beautiful souls and I fell in love with their culture. Then there were the other travelers. Honestly I made friends with some of the most amazing people… and I’ll carry the memories in my heart forever.

The time I spent alone was also much needed. I got to know myself more which has me in an overall better head & heart space. I was able to really focus on the areas of myself that need the most work, and I learned to TRUST myself more than ever before.

This trip changed my life. It was surreal. The best decision I ever made. A huge blessing…and I’ll be thanking God for it until the day I die.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures and memories.

I’m SO HAPPY I had the opportunity to see one of my dreams come to fruition in such a beautiful way. Things are temporarily paused, but y’all know this isn’t the end. I’m already on DuoLingo preparing for my next adventure 😂

Terima kasih Bali, Singapore, & Malaysia. You blessed my soul.


-Erin ❤

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