5 Things You Should Incorporate Into Your Self Care Routine

Hey Tribe!

Happy Wellness Wednesday 🙂

Today’s post is all about self care. Most of us spend our days running around doing things- go, go ,go. When we have a second to stop and breathe, what do you know…something else pops up that just has to be done. Living this way week after week with no time for yourself is sure way to run your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health into the ground at lightning speed.

Creating a self care routine is a great way to schedule time to take care of your most important project– YOU. Your self care routine doesn’t have to be a time consuming, elaborate plan. Keep it simple and enjoyable… and don’t be ashamed to start small. Five minutes is better than nothing at all.

So let’s look at 5 of my suggestions to boost your self care time!

Here we go…


I love to read a good book! For me it’s relaxing and fun to just get away from the real world for a while. My favorite books to read are self help & pretty much any type of fiction. If you’re not a book nerd but you want to get into reading, start with 10 pages a day or whatever feels manageable for you.

Along with loving great books, I can’t get enough of a good podcast. I recently started listening to a few, and I’m addicted! You can find a podcast on ANY subject you like. Just pop in your headphones and relax while you learn, laugh, and get inspired.


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Sometimes we forget how connected we are (or should be) to nature. If your relationship with nature has fallen by the wayside, or never really got off the ground, spending more time outside may be exactly what you need to relax and clear your head. Take a walk in the park, swim in the ocean, start a garden, or simply spend a few minutes with the grass between your toes in your own back yard. You’d be surprised how a little time with Mother Earth can refresh the spirit.


Self care isn’t only meant for the soul. You should also make time to take care of your physical body. One of my favorite “treats” is a good ole face mask. It does wonders for the skin, and you can use that 20 minutes to rest, journal, or catch up on your favorite Netflix series.



Something I was reminded of while in Bali is that as long as you’re alive, you always have your breath with you…and that’s a powerful thing. I’ve been into meditating for a while now, but I just recently started practicing more regularly again. Even if you don’t have a ton of time to sit in silence, practice breathing. Notice how the air enters and exits your body. Focus. This simple tip can relieve stress and help you be more aware and thoughtful throughout the day. If it’s new to you, it may sound weird… Trust me, I get it. But try it anyway. It just might change your life.



You guys know I love to journal. My journal was the first place I really learned to express myself deeply in a healthy way. For some of us, until we write things down it’s all just a never ending hurricane of thoughts in our minds. Taking time to write down your thoughts and feelings can really help you sort through things and make sense of the chaos. Writing is a beautiful form of self expression and provides a great opportunity to really reflect on your journey.

All of these things are wonderful ways to practice a little more self care and show some extra love to yourself. While it’s great to serve others, don’t forget to take care of you. We can’t pour into the world from an empty cup.

-Erin ❤

2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Incorporate Into Your Self Care Routine

  1. I’ve been loving reading about your journey and hope you are healing well. This blog about self-care was just the reminder I needed. I plan on hitting the trails this weekend to become one with Mother Nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! We all need a reminder every now and then 🙂 Enjoy your time outdoors and let me know if there’s anything new you’d like to see on the blog!!

      -Erin ❤


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