One Pan Vitamin Packed Sweet Potato Bowl

Prepare yourself for the easiest meal ever.

This sweet potato bowl is filling, nutritious, and so flavorful!


Here’s what you’ll need…


sweet potato


onions & peppers

sliced mushrooms

any seasonings that you fancy

a drizzle of olive oil


It’s simple..start cooking the potato first because it will take the longest. Then add in your asparagus, onions & peppers. Finish it off with the shrooms. You’ll know it’s done when you can stick a fork in the potatoes.

That’s it y’all! A beautiful meal that’s time and budget friendly.

A note on my meals & mantras journey …

I understand I “started” 3 days ago, but it’s been real already. Hahaha I’ve noticed that certain activities and places are major triggers. (Good to know.) It hasn’t been all veggies and green tea either. I had a cupcake and it was almost as tasty as my sweet potato bowl😂 BUT, I can honestly say I’m already feeling better by simply being more intentional about my lifestyle choices and realigning them with my core values. It takes time. Time & patience.

-Erin ❤

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