The Power of Total Surrender

I was going to write a post about confidence today, then life happened. So I’m writing about love and the power of total surrender.

It requires a level of vulnerability that can almost feel life threatening in a way. Like if I’m truly honest with myself.. if I don’t hold back.. if I go to those dark places I don’t know if I’ll survive it. Well, you will. You’ll survive and you’ll resurrect parts of your spirit you thought were long gone…pieces of your soul you’ve been longing to feel.

I’m just speaking from personal experience, y’all. There was a time when I was cold & numb. Merely following a routine to “get through” my days. I started doing the work when I realized how much LIFE I was missing out on. I went to those places. I wept. I screamed. I tore some stuff up… and sometimes it was a wash, rinse, repeat type of situation. But when that part of me was healed, I could feel again. Not just pain.. but beauty.


Last night I was singing/dancing with my sister. We hit a high note and did the same dance move (totally unplanned) and when our eyes met, I started crying. I was just overwhelmed with joy and love. So grateful for that abundance in my life. I’m known as the crybaby in my house, but I just can’t help myself! Haha I’m so full EVERY DAY. The point of me sharing this is to give a real example of the power of surrender. Years ago I had no idea what it felt like to truly love myself so intensely, let alone another human being. Now I experience the vibrancy of soulful love on a daily basis.

Healing is a tough journey. Key word: journey. It requires you to be so honest with yourself, and sometimes others, that it literally hurts. You may need a friend, therapist, spiritual guide to hold space for you. You may need more time than you think to actually crack yourself open and deal with your stuff. But do it. Follow the natural flow of your life. When it’s time to sit down and release, allow yourself to go there. It’s not about “fixing” something that’s broken, just healing all the parts and realizing the divinity of your wholeness. Be still. Be patient. Feel it, work through it, release it and elevate.


-Erin ❤

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