About LifexErin

LifexErin is an inspirational resource for women who are ready to take charge of their health. Here on the blog, we look at health from a holistic standpoint- mind, body, soul. I’m a huge advocate of self love, care, and awareness. Through blog posts you’ll get to see pieces of my own journey to self love and pick up “doable” tips to apply in your own life.

My work out routines and meal ideas are simple, natural and only require 30 minutes of your time each day. Only 30 minutes! Anyone can commit to 30 minutes a day. With your dedication and my help, you can finally make the healthy lifestyle change you’ve been dreaming of.

Together we can create a tribe of health warriors who are dedicated to personal growth, producing results, and adapting through making small changes everyday. So what are you waiting for? Make this positive change for yourself. Join the tribe.


Before altering your diet, fitness routine, or making any lifestyle change, consult your doctor. I write this blog to help inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. All posts contain suggestions. Because of the uniqueness we all have, there is not one solution for everyone’s problems. A regimen that worked for me may not give you the same results. Some photos seen on LifexErin are not mine. They are used to feature other bloggers’ content. Sharing is caring! Please help me maintain this blog as a positive atmosphere by being respectful to yourself and others 🙂


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